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Every child is different, but, at Signature Dental of Bucks County we use the simple guideline that children should be examined at the time their permanent teeth are beginning to come in. Orthodontic treatment depends on the type and the severity of problem.

Early intervention is key if your child requires orthodontic treatment as completion of treatment at a later age is much easier. Best results occur before your child's face and jaw have completely developed.

Dr. Valen will evaluate your child's facial growth, tooth spacing, crowding, and look for extra or missing teeth as well as assess habits like tongue thrusting and thumb-sucking which may hinder normal growth and development. These problems can alter tooth alignment and facial appearance and it is very important to evaluate such problems during this initial examination.

Should your child not require any early orthodontic treatment, Dr. Valen will have you schedule periodic follow-up exams while your child's permanent teeth come in and face and jaws continue to grow.

Orthodontic treatment can bring your child's teeth, lips and face into harmony. Giving your child-or yourself-a pleasing appearance and beautiful smile is an advantage you cannot afford not to give.

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